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I saw it at the BFI IMAX yesterday. As a sidenote, there was a film crew there doing some filming about the BFI IMAX building and its design - interesting to watch from a far. As for the film, well, it did look incredible on the IMAX screen. There are so many homages in the film(2001, Wall-E, Star Wars, Moon, Silent Running, etc). The film itself, yeah I pretty much agree with most of what has been said here - visually stunning but lacking an emotional narrative. It could have done with losing some of its reliance on the visuals, cut about 30 minutes from its running time and develop the story a bit better. You could sort of see the ending coming. On the plus note Riseborough's character's plight gave the film some emotional depth and also the stuff about the
I didn't see coming.

It was entertaining, but if you compare to two recent cerebral sci fi films like "Moon" and "District 9" then it pales into significance. They were much more full of ideas than this film was - and had much better realised storylines.
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