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I can sort of see it as I fancied him at the start of the show (when he looked normal). He has good banter and can actually string a sentence together unlike pretty much everyone else on TOWIE (Goodger was the worst, I don't think she ever actually uttered one grammatically correct sentence in 3 years).

I always thought he had nice eyes too, very sparky and cheeky. Not particularly handsome but good patter, quite cheeky and funny. It was only once he returned that I started to dislike him (I believe he was horrid on CBB but I've never watched it), his arrogance and general penilhead-ness was palpable. He's clearly got a bit of a dark side, compounded when Lauren Pope said "I wish I could have the nice you all the time".

I doubt he's had even 800 women though. I also doubt Amy Childs is wild in bed.

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