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I have been a long term customer for more years than I can remember.....(was previously Cambridge Cable then NTL). Have never phoned for any deals, but would like a V+ box. Do you think they'll do me any deals? Is it worth phoning. I currently am on:

Package 90.53 for:
Talk International
Talk Unlimited
Broadband M
Caller display and Voicemail (I have 2 telephone lines)

I notice on my last bill - there is a box saying with TV XL I get:

24 HD channels (which I don't) but do have an HD tv
Also says I get favourite Sky shows ready to watch with Sky Anytime - which I don't

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated
If I have worked it out properly for new customers your package would cost 81.99 a month and thats with a tivo box. So defiantly worth ringing up, remember to be a good haggler with them.

When my Mam rang up they originally offered her the deal of the new customers and a 50 installation charge for the tivo box. She said how she has been a customer for near 20 years ect. In the end they ended up knocking 11 off the deal and not charging the 50 installation charge.

The tivo box would replace your old box and you would be able to watch the HD channels and record tv. How fast is your internet currently running at. Worth noting that the slowest they do for new customers is 30mb and they would send you out a new superhub.

If the offers are there press for them
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