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May as well quote myself for this.

Since my friends had shown me a couple of Studio Ghibli films a couple of Sundays ago, SG season on Film4 was like a blessing for me this Easter.

Out of the films I've seen so far, my joint favourites are My Neighbour Totoro and Castle In The Sky, but I also enjoyed Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle and The Cat Returns to name just a few. Tales From Earthsea wasn't that good IMO but if more well-known animation studios can have duds, I think Studio Ghibli is entitled to at least one. Didn't get to see Spirited Away but fortunately I found it in HMV with Arrietty the other week, both of which I snapped up right away, although I still need to get round to watching them.

I'll definitely be seeing From Up On Poppy Hill when it comes out in the UK.
I still have yet to see all of SG's films but of the ones left, the one I'm most keen on seeing is Kiki's Delivery Service, which has an even higher Rotten Tomatoes score than Spirited Away.

Interestingly, I think Whisper Of The Heart has been the first film ever to change my outlook on life, namely to teach me that even if some things come easily in life, you do have to work hard for a long time to achieve certain things and you'll never be perfect at first.

Alright, that's enough corniness for now, I think.
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