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Apparently Paris is wanting to get Conrad Murray to testify that he was forcing drugs into Jackson at the bequest of the concert promoters. She is just as much of a fantascist as LaToya, they just can't face up to the fact he was a drug addict.
What's your proof that he was a drug addict at the time of his death? All the medications in his body when he died were being administered to him by the doctor for the sole purpose of trying to get him to fall unconscious and achieve some kind of rest. No painkillers whatsoever were in his body or contributed to his death. Propofol is not even an addictive substance so i don't know how you can claim he was an addict.

He didn't die because he was popping pills just to get by every day and accidentally took too many. He died because the doctor that was hired to sedate him every night overdosed him with surgical anaesthetic that he had no idea how to use. It doesn't matter how much money he was offered or whether or not MJ would've found another willing doctor if he'd refused. Doctors have a duty of care and Murray failed in every single way. He is rightly in jail for manslaughter.
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