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Well of course I can't prove anything any more than you can but MJ's use of strong prescription medicine is out there in the media. It is alleged that he became addicted to painkillers after that awful accident when his hair got burnt and tranquilisers after the child abuse trial. I guess we will never know for sure but it seems likely to me.

Conrad Murray should never have done what he did but MJ would have found another doctor to supply him with what he wanted if he had refused. In my view this makes him responsible for himself, just as every junkie in the world is responsible for themselves. They can't blame their dealers.
There are many provable things in relation to his death.

MJ's use of painkillers in the 90's is no secret because he went to rehab for it. But it has no relation to the period of time in 2009 before his death. You're just making the wild assumption that because he was addicted to Demerol at one point in his life, that was what killed him.

What don't you understand about the fact that the drug that killed Michael Jackson is impossible to become physically addicted to? That's a fact. There were no painkillers in his body when he died. Fact. This wasn't a junkie, dealer scenario. Not even Murray himself tried to use that defence in his trial! The doctor was hired for the specific reason to get MJ to sleep every night with surgical anaesthetic, proven by evidence he ordered about 40 gallons of the stuff. It was also proven in his trial that he regularly set MJ up on a make shift drip and then left the room and used the phone while he overdosed. I've never said that MJ is entirely blame free for his death, but to say he was a junkie is factually incorrect.

If i go to my GP and offer him money to inject me with a huge dose of something and it subsequently kills me, you don't think the doctor is at all responsible?

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You've already decided that MJ died an addict and will ignore any evidence that says otherwise.
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