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It's not only hearsay, Prince's family members & his girlfriend have all said he has it. And actually, vitiligo is not common at all, it affects less than 1% of the population. The likelihood that MJ ended up with a kid that is not biologically his and had that exact same disease is so unbelievably slim. Not to mention people with autoimmune diseases cannot donate sperm.

Are you kidding me? Genetically engineered his kids? Genetic engineering is still only in trial stages & even still is only used to prevent diseases not to pick & choose physical traits. It didn't exist in '96.
You've contradicted yourself here. Vitiigo is linked with autoimmune disease so what are you saying? No matter what fans say on here unless there is DNA evidence I will not believe the kids are biologically MJs.

People who use sperm donors are selective in the states,they can choose colour of skin/eyes/level of education etc. This is what I meant.
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