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I don't believe that Conrad Murray was employed by anyone other than Michael himself to give him the sleeping medicine. Pressure of work commitments might have made MJ need the stuff more but to claim that it was being administered on the command of this tour organisers ....... well I don't believe it.

MJ was an expert of diverting attention and covering things up. I believe he was a very manipulative person and not at all what he pretended to be.
I never said the tour company was ordering Murray to give the medication so your whole post is irrelevant. Your original claim was that MJ died a junkie, which i've already completely refuted.

And you say.. 'Pressure of work commitments might have made MJ need the stuff more', you clearly don't realise that insomnia caused by pressure from the tour rehearsals was the only reason he felt he needed to be administered nightly doses of Propofol. It's crazy to suggest he would've been using it otherwise.
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