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I don't think anybody is saying AEG ordered Conrad Murray to give Michael the medication... even Paris.

What they're saying is that the contract between Conrad Murray and AEG is what led to Conrad making the decisions he did. That the AEG contract was all about making sure Michael could do the tour. That Conrad was paid to do that, not to make sure Michael was healthy regardless of the tour.

Whether it's true or not is another thing... however it's a reasonable argument. If a doctor is employed and paid on the basis of their patient having to perform then their duty of care to the actual patient is compromised.
Exactly. Plus the fact that AEG knew that MJ was very unwell and unable to perform yet still pressurised him and threatened him with financial ruin if he didn't rise to the occasion. The family argue their reluctance to cancel tour when they knew he was physically not up to it, contributed to his death by forcing him to rely even more on medication to deal with the stress.

There have been leaked emails between AEG execs where they say they need to 'remind Murray who is paying his salary and what is expected of him'.
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