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Still don't see that this can be laid at the door of AEG. Murray could have advocated anything to ensure MJ was fit for the tour eg. swedish exercises followed by yoga and mineral supplements.
But he didn't.

AEG employed this man, they created the contract. They I assume were asking for regular updates on his condition, what measures were being taken etc... and if not why not?

They employed a person in a trusted position, they are a multi-million pound business with all the facilities to assure that this figure is 'trusted' and to constantly check throughout his employment.

If you employ someone to do a job and they ultimately fail then you bear some level of responsibility for it.

That's not to say Jacko wasn't begging for the drugs but even if that was the case Conrad was the doctor, it was his decision to make and you do have to question if he had refused and said 'I don't think he's fit enough to perform' would AEG have thanked him for caring about Micheal or would they have sacked him and employed someone who would do as they were told?

I absolutely think Michael bares some responsibility for his demise but the fact is he's a just man, he's no expert. Conrad Murray was and AEG were the team who employed him and in doing so backed his expertise.
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