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No one is saying that anyone other than MJ requested Propofol. He had had it given to him on his HIStory tour in 1997 after all.

That doesn't absolve AEG of any negligence in relation to his death though. They knew he was unwell and was struggling with rehearsals, so they should of cancelled the shows instead of putting more pressure on him.
How were they negligent? Being unwell and collapsing on a tour could happen to any artist regardless of how fit they appear to be at the beginning. He signed up to do too many gigs thats for sure but it was a business arrangement and as the artist MJ and his management should have cut a better deal or renegotiated when they found he was struggling. Perhaps they should have claimed against the insurance?

Again it probably all comes down to money and both parties wanted to make as much cash as possible. MJ was just as much to blame, he knew he wasn't up to it. He would have done one or two gigs then pulled out claiming ill health. He miscalculated and it cost him his life.
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