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The poor girl is clearly suffering from very severe mental health issues, yet she is simply being ridiculed and mocked by the press (who, as usual, seem to love nothing more than watching someone who has been incredibly successful falling apart in a very public and degrading way.) Which I find utterly disgusting.
Seeing her behaviour become more and more erratic over the past few years, it's clear she has completely lost touch with reality (talking to inanimate objects, wandering around on her own in a daze, not to mention all the delusional things she's been posting on Twitter recently.) I don't see how it's socially acceptable for the press to ridicule someone who is clearly not well
I hope someone helps her before it's too late, but to be honest, there's only one way I can see this story ending. And I don't think it's going to be a happy one.
I wonder where her friends and family are in all of this. She's mentioned that she has no contact with her parents any more, but I wonder why. The poor girl seems to be on her own all the time, either wandering around having cameras shoved in her face by idiots hoping to catch more of her erratic behaviour, or sitting on Twitter alone posting videos of herself. I could have honestly cried seeing the latest video she posted of herself. She really isn't well
I agree with all this. There is something clearly not quite right with her, she needs some help and yet all she is getting is ridicule. I can only hope she gets the help she needs
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