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I have noticed that Katherine Jenkins attracts the most hated status by the press.

The DM slates her for having an inappropriate low cleavage at Maggies Funeral, then in the comments some slam her for betraying the Welsh miners and others slam here for being stuck up stating;

" cant stand the woman and yes much to low for a funeral,spoke to someone once who knew her and said she is a nightmare to work with,all me me me and thinks she is royalty herself!!! "

I have to say I have to agree with those who dont really like her and the way she gets on, especially IMO shes not even a good singer but would go to the opening of an envelope and a true believer in her own publicity.

Is this justified or is she really nice?
Well I've no idea if she's nice or not, but I suppose anyone in the public eye is fair game for the media.

She is a very attractive woman, so I guess she will attract some jealousy from female writers.

If I was in her position, I wouldn't pay much attention to the sort of tripe you read in these showbizzy articles.
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