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i don't know katherine personally, but i did meet her several times as a child, because we come from the same estate. her mother and my parents still live on that estate. i have come to the conclusion after many discussions on ds that perhaps some criticism of her abilities are justified. she is marketed away from the core opera genre and her talent dictates that she is marketed correctly. i accept that her voice is scuntancised fairly when compared to other singers in the crossover genre.

the whole beckham saga was of her making by taking to twitter, but she did not do an interview on the subject with ok magazine. that magazine used her twitter comments as quotes and used stock photos to mislead people into thinking this was an exclusive interview. the only comments she made on the subject to the press came months later in an interview with wales online.

as for this latest situation with her attending the thatcher funeral, she was invited and merely accepted an invitation issued to her by downing street. it is believed, katherine met the baroness due to their charity work for the armed forces. whether her attire was appropriate is debatable, some angles seem to expose more flesh, while front on pictures don't seem to look quite so bad.

some people have suggested that considering her background coming from wales, it seemed wrong for her to have attended the funeral. growing up in the estate where we both lived, there were miners in that community who suffered as a result of the pit closures. one miner was actually a close family friend of my parents and lived just doors away from katherine and her family. however, i will say that katherine`s parents generally did not mix with the local community, while katherine and her sister did not mix with the other children on the estate.

she made her decision to attend the funeral after meeting the baroness at her home, its been reported. i respect her for taking that decision based on how she felt about her following their meeting.
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