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On BBC Breakfast they made a point of saying that he hadn't been identified by police but they didn't explain why they were naming him. I hadn't realised his name was published in The Sun until I read it here - I know people said beforehand that as soon as one paper names him, its likely they all would but the BBC isn't a paper.

I also wonder why the Sun decided to name him now? I'm presuming the arrest their talking about is the one from March, so its not really news, other than identifying who was arrested. Its not as if there isn't other news to be reporting at the moment, what with another sad event taking place in Boston overnight (shooting of a police officer I believe?) etc.

I wonder where people get their information from, if the police refuse to comment officially? are staff illegally(?) talking to the press? I heard Rolf has been bailed until May, so maybe we/he will find out whether he's to be charged or not then but even then, people should be thought of as innocent until proven guilty so its hard to judge until any such case has reached a verdict in court. Its hard to picture him as an abuser, it really is. I was a big fan as a kid, had one of his books and joined his TV show fan club etc.
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