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I heard Rolf has been bailed until May, so maybe we/he will find out whether he's to be charged or not then but even then, people should be thought of as innocent until proven guilty so its hard to judge until any such case has reached a verdict in court. Its hard to picture him as an abuser, it really is. I was a big fan as a kid, had one of his books and joined his TV show fan club etc.
The problem is even if those involved are found to be 100% innocent with no charges brought there will be plenty of people who will say, because of the subject matter, "There's no smoke without fire".

Harris, 83, became the 11th man to be detained over the controversial inquiry which critics say has turned into a ‘celebrity witch-hunt’.
I am starting to think it is turning in to this. The police seriously messed up by turning a blind eye to Savile and so it seems to me they are now targeting any man who was famous in the 1970s and worked for the BBC in a "fishing trip" to see if they can catch anyone, irrespective of the damage they will do to innocent people's careers or reputations.
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