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Oh no, I was just wondering why someone would waste their time slagging the same person off, time and time again. Silly me , It just sounded like she did something horrific to you sometime in the past, Just my assumption.

Thank You for your answer.

If you always look for the bad in a person, you'll find it.

Anyways, enjoy slagging her off!
Please keep to the subject of the thread. Slagging off other posters is not on and it really doesn't help Katie Price's cause.

With Katie Price you don't have to look for the bad in her - she demonstrates it time and time again. This latest little stunt shows her up for the self-centred individual that she is. Why hand out copies of her wedding song on CD and upload the recording of it to youtube? That should have been a special and private thing between Katie and Keiron, with her maybe having one CD done for him. But yet again, she chooses to turn what should have been a romantic gesture into a publicity generating excercise for her!
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