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i saw a preview screening of the Evil Dead remake last night,
To quote the genius that is Brick Tamland; "LOUD NOISES!"

It was a lot of loud noises rather than actual frights. I think when the poster said "the most terrifying film you will ever experience" what they actually meant to say was " the most loud noises in 90 minutes you will ever experience".

Despite that observation, I actually quite enjoyed it.
I would say a 3 star movie.
It certainly didn't "Terri-freakin'-fy" me as Sam Raimii promisedin an interview on five live but it still was nasty and grisly enough to call itself a proper horror film.
Also It tried to push the envelope in the area of gore so it must be applauded for that and I wasn't ever bored, so yeah I think 3 stars is about right, maybe even 3 and a half.
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