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Hilarious bit on the show last night re his ambassadorship where DOTY, after he'd seen the reports in the Sun and the DM, gave us his understanding of what the 'Maltese revolting' situation was about. I'm paraphrasing but the jist of it was:

"There’s some political stuff going on there. Basically the elections are coming up and the opposition are kicking up a fuss. It’s not fair, I got asked to go there and be given the award and the ‘opposition’ now want to oust me with a petition. I understand I’m fair game but y’know the way they’re reporting it (the Sun and the Mail), with… things… in inverted commas and that… it’s… they're... they're taking the piss.”

After Pete had finished his Party Political Broadcast on behalf of The Misunderstood Petey Party, CP, ignoring the many flaws in Pete's interpretation of the backlash, spun it into a ‘some people prefer to read negative things about people' thing and told us, piously, that instead of the papers doing a nice piece about the great honour bestowed upon him, the journalists instead ignored that and went for the negative angle - or, as the rest of us would call it, the entertaining angle. And then made one of these tutting 'what can you do?' faces.

what did you make of the 'little scene' when he was discussing this with CP?? she claimed not to have known about the rebellion and got on the phone to 'the office' and said along the lines of 'if something is happening with a client I need to be informed about it'.... and PA emphasising that he was 'shocked she didn't know about it'....

didn't you just love next weeks teaser about KP's pregnancy.....
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