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SWMBO and I enjoyed the film. 7/10

Proably the best movie we've seen this year so far (quite a few being released in the next 6 weeks).

Listening to the soundtrack as I write this.
Saw Oblivion on Friday, ordered the soundtrack cd on Saturday. It arrived yesterday already ripped to usb stick for the car, playing it on pc whilst on that and then on the stereo to do it justice.

Would have been a poor film without a soundtrack as good as this.
It was a good soundtrack (if a little too close to Hans Zimmer's brilliant Batman scores in places), but I did feel that at times they could have dialled it back a bit, I'm thinking particularly of the unnecessarily epic and loud music that was played over the swimming pool sex scene, a more sedate piece of music would have better suited the scene rather than the epic booming theme that was there instead, it made the scene almost comical for me.
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