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Please keep to the subject of the thread. Slagging off other posters is not on and it really doesn't help Katie Price's cause.

With Katie Price you don't have to look for the bad in her - she demonstrates it time and time again. This latest little stunt shows her up for the self-centred individual that she is. Why hand out copies of her wedding song on CD and upload the recording of it to youtube? That should have been a special and private thing between Katie and Keiron, with her maybe having one CD done for him. But yet again, she chooses to turn what should have been a romantic gesture into a publicity generating excercise for her!
This. I'm really not sure how hectoring other posters advances KP's cause. It merely emphasises that there is nothing positive to say regarding her & this latest attempt to promote herself, so attack is deemed the best form of defence.
If anyone imagines for one second that this is anything other than a publicity stunt geared at finding a music promoter tone deaf enough to be interested in promoting her long desired singing career ,then they are seriously barking up the wrong tree.
Kev is just a bit player.
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