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Ah, I suppose that would make sense

The problem is even if those involved are found to be 100% innocent with no charges brought there will be plenty of people who will say, because of the subject matter, "There's no smoke without fire".

I am starting to think it is turning in to this. The police seriously messed up by turning a blind eye to Savile and so it seems to me they are now targeting any man who was famous in the 1970s and worked for the BBC in a "fishing trip" to see if they can catch anyone, irrespective of the damage they will do to innocent people's careers or reputations.
I agree. They better be careful, given whats at stake, this could end up with a grim consequence for the police to have to answer to, potentially - ugh

Does raise some imp questions why it took 5 months after I was the 1st to name Rolf Harris being interview re sexual offences #OpYewtree

It does need to be discussed & considered for the future naming of people arrested. The Sun were correct to name #OpYewtree #savile

Seems like he's showing off about being the first to name him - thats not something I'd be especially proud of. I'm really not sure if it is a good idea to name him, given he hasn't been charged, so I tweeted him 'why is it right to name them before they've even been officially charged? surely it'd be better to wait until charged?' but not had a reply...hmmm(!). I can understand the argument of it potentially leading to other witnesses or victims coming forward but I think its a big judgement call because, as others have said, his reputation will be in tatters after this and he hasn't been found guilty in a court of law yet. At least some, if not most, people will look at him in a different light now I'd imagine, even if its totally unwarranted.

I'd like to think that they might not have to publically name the person for people to come forward, if they could do perhaps a more general appeal for victims of abusers within the entertainment business in the last 50 years or something to come forward? I've heard people today (including a child protection officer) making some quite crude jokes about Rolf - its not really a laughing matter the way I see it, especially considering there's been talk about him being extremely low. I don't imagine today has helped his state of mind much and he hasn't even been charged? :-/ do we know what he's being questioned in relation to? its all quite unclear, heck we don't even know what it is they may know, have seen or supposedly committed.
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