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I am sick and tired of these accusations of historical sexual abuse from people who were adults at the time of the alleged abuse. I am in my 70th year and during my late teens and early 20s had my bottom pinched and was embraced by men including the occasional celebrity. Do I regard it as sexual abuse? Not at all. If I had been dragged unwillingly and had been forced into sex, that is a different matter but it appears that most of these accusations are of the very mild variety. I think it is a celebrity witch hunt that is degrading the awful acts perpetrated by JS and also by many non celebs - most of the latter will never be reported as they will not result in any form of compensation.

When I was 12 I was on a children's TV Programme called "The House that Jim built". It had various segments including one by a young man who told a story and painted pictures - yes good old Rolf Harris. He was a most charming person and I have always had a great affection for him. I hope this does not ruin his career even at his age and that he returns soon to our TV screens. I simply cannot believe he is guilty of anything serious at all.
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