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Believe me or not. I can see a famous name who has either committed suicide or something else serious happened to them which is the result to these allegations.
Thats the worry. Its a very serious matter to be investigated in relation to such grim things and even though we don't have the full details (do we know if the questioning is in relation to potential child abuse or abuse of an adult? as already mentioned, some people linked to Yewtree are being investigated for adult abuse claims and not child abuse claims), some may choose never to look at him in the same way again.

If it leads to angry mobs outside where he lives etc., its alot for someone in a potentially delicate state to cope with.

Heck, even if it were someone that I didn't like, I'd still say the same thing, that we should know what their accused of, rather than presuming their some kiddy fiddler/paedo/rapist or whatever, when they may 'only' be investigated much more minor incident(s).
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