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[LIST][*]He's being questioned, and hasn't been charged.[*]Entire questioning based on one female adult (even then) 40 years ago.[*]No allegations of any other suspicious or even off-kilter behaviour by anyone, anywhere. Ever.[/LIST]
...and yet everyone's "OMG ROLF HARRIS PAEDO".

The hell?! Poor guy.
So its been confirmed that the alleged victim was an adult at the time? I wasn't aware of that. All I heard today was that he'd been named as someone questioned in relation to Operation Yewtree in November and March.

Also since this was first brought up in November, I've read one or two things such as people claiming they met him and he was alot less friendly away from the cameras, may have tried to avoid fans and things like that (although that doesn't really prove much, many people may be quieter away from the cameras and want to keep to themselves, than when their infront of the cameras).

I haven't heard anyone allege they'd been assaulted or anything like that though. There was talk at one stage about him supposedly/allegedly having written a letter to the victim? I also once read something about there being rumours for years about people having treated wild animals and pets cruelly so they could be treated at the vets where they filmed Animal Hospital but that sounded ridiculous, its not as if they'd probably be short of work there anyway...thats the most ridiculous thing I've heard.
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