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Why? Adults can be sexually abused too

Mild to you perhaps because you willingly accepted such behaviour. For those who didn't, it would not be considered mild.

The difference is that witches don't exist, so hunting them is pointless persecution. Sexual abusers do.

In private, a publically charming and affable person may be very different.
I did distinguish between mild "groping"/bottom pinching/ cuddle types and full sexual abuse. Bottom pinching was regarded as the norm if you visited Italy in the 60s/70s. Don't tell me it isn't the same now as I am fully aware of that. PC is now crazy and as a feminist in the 60s who fought for equal pay and equal rights I find the current pathetic attitude to being whistled at or having your bottom pinched very silly. Grow up and take compliments. There is no feminism today. It has died and been taken over by women who cannot be feminine.

I find your general comments patronising. I was in private with Rolf as it was in a TV studio and there were times when no one else was around. You don't know so don't comment.

I would rather see some of the alleged politicians questioned. What has happened re the North Wales care home investigation? This side has gone quiet and yet the celebs are still being brought in. It is easy to get them and hard to get through the walls protecting the political and public figures.
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