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I wonder when the press will learn their lesson. They seem to do this time and time again with celebrities (especially child stars who grow up to develop severe mental health issues.) They ridicule and hound them, which can only make their mental health issues worse. Obviously, I'm not blaming the press for her mental health issues, but surely people need to draw a line and say to themselves ''Okay, she's clearly not well, so we need to leave her alone and hope she sorts herself out rather than making money from the mental illness of another human being.'' But that never seems to happen. It just makes me wonder where the humanity is in some people
At the minute, her entire life seems to be like some sort of circus attraction which people are lining up to see and laugh at. It breaks my heart.
The press have no moral compass. They are utterly, utterly disgusting, because they live for tragedy and people breaking down. Yes there might be the audience for it as people buy papers and watch trashy TV in their millions but I still wish something could be done about "freak show" style media output. It should have no place in progressive, civilised society.
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