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OOh it's all go in the Chawner houshold.

Phil has posted this last night:

Emma is not to good she has to go to Preston we do not know when she is in a lot of pain after her lumber puncher anyway thank you all for all the messages you all have been so sweet so love to you all take care love Phil and family xxxx
Someone asked what had happened - he replied:

she has pressure on her brain and no they still do not know what id causing it xx
He was then asked how they knew she had this, he said:

Emma went to have her eyes tested and they sent her to hospital and she had a scan and she has had headaches for three months
And also remembering to thank all his fans:

just want to thank every one for your kind messages love to you all xxxx
It was interesting that someone mentioned the hospital food a la Aud and guess what the other day she posted a picture of her hospital food
It looked like shepherds pie but instead of mash it was sliced potato with carrots on the side - the portion was a bit measly.

I do feel sorry for her but if she was that ill she would not be on Facebook posting pics etc - my husband has been poorly with severe headaches and he could do nothing but sleep and stay in a darkened room, he barely ate more than a piece of toast every day. He also had a lumbar puncture to see if he had a haemoraghee (sp? (where is Phil to help with my medical spelling?!?!) maybe this is what they were considering?

Will try to keep you updated
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