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But are we creating a demand for it or are the press? I dont want see this kind of thing (particularly what happened to Britney, which was brutal & a lot of people did think she was going to die at any point back then).
I think the tabloids create the demand and allow us to play the role of vultures along with them. But, if we had a choice and there was a public vote, I'd like to think the majority would vote that we do not want to see this kind of stuff publicised as it can only ever be detrimental to the person being written about anyway. It creates an unnecessary demand.
I think the press see how much interest there is and think that is was people want to see. Bad news sells, it's nothing new. For as long as there has been a press we have enjoyed watching people fall, from Oscar Wilde to Michael Jackson. I don't think it will ever end because I think shaudenfreude is just part of human nature.
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