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I cannot see anything much to get irate about.

She works hard and doesn't feel the need to sell herself and her family at every opportunity.

In the land of celebs/celebzs she doesn't annoy me even a tenth as much as some.

I don't think she deserves this recent accolade when there are nobodies like Kelly Osbourne and Kim Kardashian who, imho, are much more deserving of the win.

Its a funny old world where talentless nobodies are applauded for turning up to the opening of an envelope.
Chill. It's a meaningless poll by a trashy tabloid rag where people have expressed an opinion about someone who's currently irritating the crap out of them. There'll be a new one along next week with someone else at the top.

Oh and for the record, she sells the crap out of herself. She's a pretentious, name-dropping, self-absorbed, crap-spouting fool and I reserve my right to call her on that as long as she continues to act like that.
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