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From the article:

I've always faced prejudice. I'm a working-class girl from Wales. I have blonde hair and wear pretty dresses. There are a lot of people in the classical music world who absolutely loathe me. The critics slate me because I'm not what they consider the real thing. People expect a classical singer to be big and fat with Wagnerian horns on her head. Sorry, that's not me. It never was and I always knew my looks would be my advantage. I'm totally aware of how to market myself, totally aware of the effect of the way I look. And personally I'd rather see an attractive man playing Romeo than a big fat old man. Why can't opera singers look good? I don't get it.

So, nothing at all to do with lacking the required skills, then. In Kathworld, the reason she is not being hired is that she is too beautiful for the ugly business of professional opera. In spouting this nonsense, she deliberately and self-servingly perpetuates the stale stereotype of the risibly grotesque diva or divo who is devoid of any ability to act convincingly. Clearly she has never heard of Anna Netrebko, Danielle de Niese, Elina Garanca, Juan Diego Florez, Jonas Kaufmann, Dimitri Hvorostovsky, or any of a multitude of glamorous singers currently before the public, who possess vocal and dramatic gifts beyond her wildest imaginings.
Er, she doesn't exactly come across as very likeable here, does she?

All opera singers are fat and/or ugly, Katherine? OK...
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