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The naming by The Sun is nought to do with 'press freedom', the 'right to know', 'public interest' or so called 'secret arrests' it's to do with the tabloids campaign against regulation.

The papers want to present the image of the 'rich & powerful' censoring the press, when it's about running any old story that sells.

Take the arrests within the scope of 'Operation Yewtree', the tabloids and some saliva dripping contributors to this thread are eager to the name and shame the 'celebs' arrested but it's not deemed in the public interest to name the non celebs that have been arrested?

The tabloids and the investigative truth seeking shape shifting lizards are exactly the same, if it ain't a celeb or a notorious case their interest wanes.

The Mail & Sun want to return to the days when they had the freedom to write whatever they like about whoever they dodn't like...the 'extremely rich and powerful' owners of The Sun & The Mail believe they should be above the law and be allowed to hold the courts and fairness of trials in contempt.

Christopher Jefferies was plucked out of obscurity to have the 'dots joined up' and have this publicly flung at him....

THE Sun apologised in court yesterday to ex-schoolmaster Christopher Jefferies for false suggestions he might have killed his former tenant Joanna Yeates, acted inappropriately towards pupils in the past, invaded his tenantsí privacy, was associated with a convicted paedophile and might have been involved in an unsolved murder in 1974.

We accepted these allegations were untrue and that Mr Jefferies in fact helped the police with their inquiries as best he could.
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