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Back in March 2010 it was being reported she left £3m to her maths may be wrong but £3m - £1m leaves £2m. or do the papers just make it all up?

Why is The Sun only referring to her income of £2.2m from 2006 - 2010, what about the £3m she reportedly earnt from 2002 - 2006, which previously we were told was £8m.

On the 12 Aug 2009 The Sun's Mike Sullivan and Richard White wrote....

Jade's will is due to be published on September 26 (2009).

Her estimated £6million estate will go into a trust being set up for her sons along with proceeds from the sale of her house in Upshire, Essex.

To legally avoid inheritance tax of more than £2.3million, the estate is expected to be passed to the trust through Jack without him having any rights over it
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