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That was true in a lot of places, including on here to some extent. She was a racist, pig thick moron but suddenly was beatified because she was dying of cancer.

Her death was tragic; no 27 year old should die of cancer, and I am sure her sons miss her every day, but that doesn't change the fact that she was a nasty bully with very few redeeming qualities (all IMHO of course).

The 'Mush' Jodie Marsh forum was the worst. A forum set up to slag off Jodie Marsh became some sort of Jade Goody fanclub. People were banned for daring to suggest she was a cretin. All very odd.
Jade was a horrible person and I never liked her. Yes it was tragic what happened to her, but lets not try to pretend she was anything more than a thick, inarticulate bully who showed herself up to be a vile on several separate occasions.
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