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Today's spew in the MoS by the Lizard is vile. I can only assume that Mrs. Jones has got a decent cash legacy to leave to her panting brood, otherwise why the revolting and impatient urge for her demise? Her comments that her mum has been kept unnaturally going by various surgical procedures (and these have probably hindered the rapacious wait over the years) were truly awful. This time last year my mum, then aged 86, had a breast removed due to cancer. A year later, though not as spritely but still going strong, we still have her with us and are forever grateful that the NHS saw fit to offer the treatment rather than bin her off as being too old to benefit. The last thing I want for my mum, and my dad who is 93, is to die, even though I will benefit financially. Yes, they probably will go before too long, due to their good ages, but when it happens I will blub like a 12 year old, as I did when I initially found out about my mum's illness. I'm the same age as LJ, the heartless cow.
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