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She wasn't racist, she wasn't a bully, she was holed up in a house with a young foreign woman who would have annoyed the heck out of me if I'd been in there...I think she spent most of her savings after she was railroaded on CBB, became untouchable and went though the bulk of she had earned in just living expenses. She had to give a good chunk of money to some obscure Indian charity that jumped on the 'offended' bandwagon and stuck their hand out for some cash. The money she made from her wedding, TV series etc in the run up to her death was supposed to see her children into adulthood but I think after she went and paid up her children's private school fees to educate them until they turn 18 there would not have been much left.
The treatment of Jade by the media and the sanctimonious public will always remind me of how a manipulative television program can influence gullible people to all but destroy a human being. The vilification of Jade was far far worse and much uglier than anything that careful and discriminatory editing tried to show she did. If almost an entire nation against one young woman is not bullying itself, as demonstrated here, then I'd like to know what is.
Rant over.


But would you have had a better argument than 'Shilpa Poppadom?'

Jade had no tangible argument to hate on her other than her and her absurd mother referring to 'the injun'.

Jade had nothing to slag her off for other than her race. It was pitiful.
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