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Nobody is going to starve. That is the point I was making before, if you are truly starving you will buy food. You just need to see some of those pictures of the poor in other countries rummaging through rubbish tips looking for anything to eat. They are starving, they aren't looking for booze or fags.

The system was working fine before and I'm not aware of masses of people on benefits starving in the past because they chose to spend all their money on anything other than food.

This all really comes from the false propaganda that people on benefits live a life of luxury and spend all their money on drink and tobacco. It's shameful that so many intelligent people seem to fall for it every time.
The system before was to issue crisis loans that had to be paid back & the claimant had to go to collect a giro cheque from DWP, which had to be cashed in a post office, where they might not want the cashier or other customers knowing about their need for a crisis loan.
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