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Hello, I wonder if anyone can offer advice/tips on how to deal with my cat. She has taken to howling/crying all night. She woke me up about 10 times during the night and when I got up to see what she wanted she ran down the stairs. When I went down the stairs she ran back up them

She had food in her bowl, access to her litter box. The bath was running just the way she likes it for her water(she will only drink running water) with the light on, so she could see.

She is 15 years old, but in great health, I just don't understand why she has started this and I have no idea how to get her to stop

She will sleep on my bed and get some rubs just before I go to sleep, then I am awakened to a cat banshee. This has been going on for a good few months now, but I think because I am getting up to see what is up with her, she is getting attention so keeps howling.

Anyone had any experience with how to deal with this?
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