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Now up on youtube

He clarifies it as 2006 in the second interview, so Tamerlan would have been about 19, Djokhar 13, & he seems to have stayed in relatively regular phone contact up to 2009 when he says he broke off contact with the parents as he disapproved of the way they bringing the kids up, I assume he means the arguing/screaming that went on, although he doesn't elaborate on that. He says that he also had a conversation with Tamerlan in 2009, and he stated in response to Ruslan's question about what he was doing for work, Tamerlan responded :

"In god's will, Inshallah"

"I will be doing what he wants"

He recognised this & other parts of the conversation were the same type of language used by people that:

"put entire caucasuses into war", "Chechnya was burning almost for 10 years....just because of people like that"

He persisted in saying Tamerlan needed to study or work, but he responded that the uncle was "confused" and "an infidel".

He says the father lost control over the family some time before 2009. He contacted a mutual friend in the area, who told him Tamerlan had been brainwashed by an Armenian convert to Islam, and had no longer showed respect for his own father. Uncle states those who now preach jihad, such as this convert,

"don't understand what jihad is... I wish these people knew what they were talking about"

"Just go and find the truth, it's a way to morality, a way to be a good person"

questioner "did that suggest radicalization to you at the time?"

Ruslan: "it suggests that is when it started right there in Cambridge in 2009"

"The seed was planted there, he didn't bring it from Dagestan...using Chechnya is irrelevent at all..they have nothing to do with Chechnya..they never lived in Chechnya

"Their mother is Dagestani, and they more lean towards mother, which somehow offended us...we were the ones who more more cared about them, supported them

interviewer "what kind of influence do you think Tamerlan had on Dzhokhar?"

Ruslan: "big time influence..the influence of looking up for older brother...even in conversation with Tamerlan he tried to be so persuasive with me..he knows me...he knows how harsh I strict I am...and this kid who was just looking up at me...I was his hero...he was one of my favourite...I had all hopes in him...I just wanted him to be older brother to my children..."

"so all of a sudden he started lecturing me..when I was even asking Tamerlan, wait, be reasonable...but he said...

"the life is wrong" this is wrong"

interviewer "do you have any knowledge that Tamerlan was espousing his views towards Dzhokhar?"

Ruslan: "Indeed, yes, I assumed that..because mother also at the same time, the mother change her attire, only attire, not her behaviour, she just ...hijab on herself...she had not done it before....some time in 2008...I was shocked to see I knew nothing had changed in her morals..she hasn't become a better person...

"Dzhokhar was just a kid..I hoped since he was in school, he would not be exposed to that..nonsense...I thought it was not serious..they jumped from one to the other..what is the fashion today"

"Dzhokhar has been used by his older brother. He used him's not even as an some kind of instrument"

"I say even if I were among the spectators, he would not stop going there. So the person that brought so much suffering, 200 people, 4 dead, Martin, Krystle, Lingzi Lu, student, young officer who just started his career..all grief he brought"

"he used his younger brother, he wasted his life...he messed up his own..that's why he decided to take lives of innocent people, hurt innocent people.. I believe he is full of evil, he turned to be evil, confused, entirely confused...but there is no any..there were no political views, based on what I know about him"

interviewer: "what would be your message to Dzhokhar now?"

Ruslan: "I would say Dzhokhar, say everything, everything you know, even say what you feel, be honest, lay it out, lay it out all. In time, he will realize what he has done...He has no clue what he was doing"

"we have losses in our family ...but ...I am just questioning myself whether I personally have right to mourn them at this moment"

he ends the interview in tears
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