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Hi everyone *waves* - long time lurker here.

Please may I join you? I would just like to say I was so incensed by today's offering, re. Carol Thatcher crying at her mother's funeral, that I've finally decided to stop lurking and make a post on this thread - I was 46 when my darling mom passed away and I still shed tears for her 8 years later and I'm not ashamed to say so. IMHO LJ really should not be allowed to air such judgemental, hurtful opinions in a national newspaper - truly, truly appalling.

On a much lighter note:

a) coldcomfort - I must protest in the strongest possible terms about your LJ spoofs because (whilst reading them sneakily in meetings at work) I find myself guffawing loudly in a most unladylike manner, thus giving myself away to my colleagues. Your posts are sheer genius!!! You really should write a column in a Sunday newspaper entitled "The Diary" or something similar ............. oh wait a minute .....!!!!

b) Collie Comber - you have possibly the most hilarious username in the history of forums!!

On that note I'm off to fill my bath tub with Peruvian sparkling water, open the kittys' caviar and smother myself in aromatic oils extracted from the sarcophagus of King Tut.


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