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It was mostly the younger brother, and he may not have estimated how good the security cameras were.
seriously, in this day and age.... there are cameras everywhere........ as a young lad, he would know that!
I would understand that if this were the bombing campaign by the IRA back in the 70/80 and 90's........ as the technology was utter rubbish, but with phones nowadays having cameras (decent ones at that) and even the smallest of store cameras will pick up events and people, etc......... and the fact that there was a large number of press photographers as well....... he should have atleast made a concerted effort to hide his face somewhat......

WHY did the Police marksmen shoot him in the throat? surely this would defeat the purpose of gaining valuable information from the suspect.....

Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes, they are not just muslim... Unless you wish to label the IRA as Muslim as well.....
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