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Hard Candy. 7/10.

Felt uncomfortable throughout the film but I think that was the point.
^^ If that's the film I think it is (the one starring Ellen Page?), then it's actually quite good, despite being chuffing creepy and uncomfortable.

Last films to penetrate me eyeballs:

Django Unchained
Big Tarantino fan and really liked this! Not his best work - imo that's still 'Reservoir Dogs' - but this is bloody good too and some of his best work in a while. Typical Tarantino style story and writing and his directing as usual is brilliant with all his trademark features in there. The cast is impressively strong with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and the brilliant Christoph Waltz (amongst others) all of whom give top performances. At times it also looks visually stunning too. One of me favourites by Tarantino. 8/10.

Turn Me On, Goddamit!
Norwegian film. I'm all for weird and different films, but then there is just plain weird and this is one of them! Its actually quite funny in places - not sure if it's funny in a good way though - but overall its just strange and erm.... Well tbh, I don't even know how to describe it.... Lead actress is very good though and like I say at times it can be quite amusing. The subject matter is also one that, while has been done to death, gets an interesting twist with a young female having a sexual awakening rather than your typical, geeky, low self-esteem, plays computer games in his mother's basement American college dude type movie. 4/10 (mainly for the lead actress and the fact that is amusing if not in a funny way).

Short film starring Emmett J Scanlan (A.K.A Brendan Brady from Hollyoaks) as a boxer who’s broken hand results in him being unable to fight yet an up-an-coming boxer wants Scanlan’s help to make it big, although Scanlan's help may prove dangerous... Plot is very basic and being a short film the directing isn’t up to much but the soundtrack is top and Emmett’s performance is brutally amazing – a knockout performance (cr@ppy pun intended ). Sometimes it’s just the way he looks - like when he’s watching the TV alone during this - that conveys so much. Average story and production but a great performance and a great open end too. Hopefully this guy will go on to more movies and short films because he's really good. Score based on short films, not full length movies. 6/10.
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