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I have said my piece on these forums from time to time, and have been a supporter of Liz Jones for years - because I've always quite enjoyed her style and - what I see - as her wit

Obviously, no one here feels the same. Fair play.

Regardless though, I have to agree to a certain extent with her column today about her mum.

As someone who is living with a parent falling apart before my eyes with Alzheimers I can totally relate to what she is saying. It's really not about lack of love, or lack of respect.
It's about seeing someone you have loved disintegrate into a husk of nothing and pain and really wishing that could end for them..
My dad had Alzheimers but died from a burst duodenal ulcer and mutiple organ failure, and yes, it was a blessed release.

But the way Liz goes on about her Mum is heartless and cruel and makes her get more column inches from a relatives suffering. She's got no business either telling people how to grieve and to 'get over it' as she did with Carol Thatcher in that piece.

And these

Last year my mum was granted three months’ ‘end-stage’ palliative care, but that ran out in November, as she survived against all the odds. Meanwhile, the boiler in her privately rented house needs replacing, but Health and Safety wants her to move into a hospital ward while the work is carried out. This will undoubtedly distress her and finish her off. We’d rather she was spared the upheaval.

All in all, this means we need our mum to die now.
So she has to die for the sake of convienience? How nice.

I’m not a fan of mass hysteria at funerals, believing that we should be nice to people while they are alive.
What? She's never nice about anyone, especially when she referred to her sister as a 'jellyfish' a few weeks ago, convieniently disguising her as 'a friend', then sending her to the Cupboard on the pretext of her 'needing peace and quiet'. How does she get peace and quiet in London? Seeing as she apparently got lost, it sounds as if she's getting more stress there and not less.
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