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Sorry but you are wrong.

I watched Jade on both the series of Big Brother that she was the classic schoolyard bully. Singling out a victim and then launching a whispering campaign against them. She'd pick on every little thing that the said and did, picking on their appearance, laughing and sniggering at them and making sure that they heard her doing it, she'd try and turn the others against them and did her damn hardest to isolate them. She did it to Sophie on BB3 who's only crime was being prettier than Jade (not hard) and quiet. She attempted to do it to Kate Lawler as well put she but her in her place.

If you really think her behaviour towards Shilpa was not bullying then I'd love to know what you think is? It's debatable that it was racist. I'd say more ignorance due to Jade being as thick as dog poop, although I still don't know how someone who was born and bread in central London which is a melting pot of races and colours can be so damn ignorant about things like that? But that's another story.
Strong agree with you.
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