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^ This. The real story here is that she and her husband got behind the wheel knowing he was well and truly over the limit, putting their own and other people's lives at risk.

Her PR apology for her behaviour towards the arresting officer appears to be her trying to move the attention away from that.
Agreed. This fact is getting lost in all the 'do you know who I am?' nonsense.

Her husband was driving drunk, and she was happy to ride with him in the car. She gets paid millions and millions, yet is too stupid and stuck up to hire a driver/get a hotel room/get a taxi when going out for drinks. That is the real issue here.

Her entitled attitude is no surprise to me, I've read enough gossip sites to believe she is quite stuck up b**ch.
BIB: Agree with all of this. There's no excuse for normal people but for these rich people there's even less excuse!

I'm quite surprised to find out she's up her own @rse a bit, she always comes (came) across as OK. Just goes to show you can never tell!
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