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couldn't agree with you more....

and yes the way she continually has that baby hanging off her hip, is just like an accessory....

I personally believe the Beckhams have been over for years, only Posh wont let go......
Poor little lass. The only time she actually walks is when she's with her dad - it's amazing she actually has use of her legs. I'm sure those boys would have been happier kicking a football (or in Cruz's case, in front of a camera) and a two year old isn't going to be paying much attention to works of art.

I used to go to art galleries when I was a child, as my dad used to take me, and that developed in me a lifelong love of art, but I doubt the Beckham's are particularly cultured (or should that be kulcha-d?) or know, or want to know much about fine art. IMO.

The whole outing just looks like a good photo op for Victoria.
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