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She could have flown from LA to Paris for her birthday to spend it with her husband...but flew to London to spend it with her parents and Tana Ramsey. Then in Paris, she didn't go to the football match and he didn't participate in the family outing. She was also not present when the boys had a kickabout with dad.
I didn't know any of that but I still don't think there is anything there to suggest they are on the verge of splitting up.

Absolutely. I've done the same with my little one. We always make sure we visit historic sites and museums on holiday as well so she can learn about the history of other cultures and not just spend weeks in the pool.

We are thinking about a few days in Paris later in the year and the Louvre would be on the list of places to visit for us.
The Louvre is incredible... a definite must see but it has always taken a whole day whenever I have gone unless you pick your main objectives first... queuing for the Mona Lisa is very anti climatic
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