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If this is true, and if they indeed are over, VB needs to be called the best mother in the world for making the effort taking the kids to see their father all the way to Paris, just so they can spend some important time with him, while he spends his time kicking a ball. Hands up anyone who would make the effort in taking the kids see their dad, even after the relationship between the mother and father was over..
Yet she is being called vapid, shallow, idiotic and ridiculous.
Ah F&T, there are no winners here. If they're no longer together as a couple, then she's a terrible person for maintaining the illusion for the brand, dontcha know, and if they are still together, then she's a terrible person for not flying to be with him on her birthday or turning up to watch him kicking a ball.

Oh and don't forget she never smiles either, her most evilest crime of all.
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