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If this is true, and if they indeed are over, VB needs to be called the best mother in the world for making the effort taking the kids to see their father all the way to Paris, just so they can spend some important time with him, while he spends his time kicking a ball. Hands up anyone who would make the effort in taking the kids see their dad, even after the relationship between the mother and father was over..
Yet she is being called vapid, shallow, idiotic and ridiculous.
All the way to Paris from London, because that's like really far, when you have an almost infinite amount of money? Yeah, that's really tough. She has it so hard

And she is all the things I said. It's all about image with the pair of them and always has been.

I hear ya lexi22.

I am increasingly irritated by the apparent glee and delight shown by some that marriages are apparently on the rocks.
No glee, no delight and you really need to get over yourself.
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