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Ah F&T, there are no winners here. If they're no longer together as a couple, then she's a terrible person for maintaining the illusion for the brand, dontcha know, and if they are still together, then she's a terrible person for not flying to be with him on her birthday or turning up to watch him kicking a ball.

Oh and don't forget she never smiles either, her most evilest crime of all.
I hear you! And the funny thing is, no one calls him out on not flying out to meet her on her birthday. She makes the effort to take the kids to their father, but obviously it is just to cling onto him, and not wanting to let him go.

Poor little lass. The only time she actually walks is when she's with her dad - it's amazing she actually has use of her legs. I'm sure those boys would have been happier kicking a football (or in Cruz's case, in front of a camera) and a two year old isn't going to be paying much attention to works of art.

I used to go to art galleries when I was a child, as my dad used to take me, and that developed in me a lifelong love of art, but I doubt the Beckham's are particularly cultured (or should that be kulcha-d?) or know, or want to know much about fine art. IMO.

The whole outing just looks like a good photo op for Victoria.
Wouldn't the kick off have been an even better photo op for her, to keep the illusion going on?

What makes you think, that the Beckhams wouldn't appreciate art? Is there some sort of sign we can spot on people, which tells us which arts/culture/entertainment the said person appreciates?
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